Subliminal Statements

Newsletter of the Society for a Subliminal State. Editor of three issues published 2007-2008.

Subliminal Statements is published as a compact format print publication. And online in PDF form. Read about Subliminal Statements on the Society for a Subliminal State web site.

Subliminal Statements prints articles and essays on subliminal history: writing about the agency of land – a broader reality beyond that which we can see – a world in which past, present, and future combine.

Pages from the third issue of Subliminal Statements: Differentiated Bodies

The three issues edited by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg were:

  1. Sublunary Statements: Sublunary, meaning "beneath the moon" or "of this earth" refers to all that takes place here on the earth's surface. The issue features essays, stories, and poems about the thin slices of reality that comprise the built environment in which we live and our everyday experience, and how these things are evidences of something else. Included articles by researcher and activist Bettina Escauriza, Sonic Youth member Lee Ranaldo, AP writer Dori Alice and many others.
  2. The Interior World: Documenting the insides of the earth as revealed by industrial mining, natural cave systems, discovered by scientists exploring the earth's differentiated interior, and theorized by centuries of scientists and explorers who held that the earth was hollow. Included writings by City Reliquary Resident Geologist Nik Sokol, explorer and songwriter Hannah Marcus, and artist-researcher Matt Bua.
  3. Differentiated Bodies: examining the objects in our solar system with differentiated composition: from planets like earth, to the legions of asteroids with rocky surfaces and a crystalline once-molten cores. The articles in this issue tell us stories about a variety of celestial phenomena and demonstrate how these things effect us. What do we see when we look at the sky, and how does the differentiation of celestial bodies impact our own differentiated bodies and minds. What changes do these differentiated bodies enact in us? Included articles by sound artist Alexis Bhagat, musician Brute Force, and geochemist Leslie Hayden, among others.