Created, developed, and performed by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. Preliminary realization in Troy, NY, March-April 2005. Realization in Providence, RI, for the Provflux Psychogeography Festival, May 27-29 2005.

A live audioblog exploring the potential of radio to function as a mapping tool.

Metaradio > Providence is a live audioblog to which I publish snippets of commercial radio in real time. I record Providence radio stations off my car radio to the blog using an audioblogging-enabled cell phone while driving around the city.

Maps featuring US Geological Survey and 2000 US Census data, as well as satellite imagery contextualize the audio posts alongside text posts featuring my research into the stations' formats, and the projected identities of their listeners. This journey, as published on the Metaradio blog forms a cartographic representation of Providence, illuminating the contestational space between the airwaves and lived reality.

Making a live radio transmission by the Providence Canal Making a transmission behind the capitol building Receiving over the canal The equipment. Recording by the canal