Subliminal History of New York State, Route of Progress Tunebook

Hardcover tunebook featuring 53 original shape note songs telling the subliminal history of the Erie Canal.

Published by the Society for a Subliminal State, September 2007. Second edition published May 2009. Music and design by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. Text, lyrics, and illustrations by Carrie Daswhow.

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Published as the culmination of the Summer 2007 Subliminal History of New York State tour of the Erie Canal, this tunebook collects all the songs and stories Carrie and Jesse wrote during their visits to six communities along the Canal: Troy, Schenectady, Rome, Palmyra, Lockport, and Lily Dale.

The book was published for the "Interference" show at Eyebeam, where it was exhibited alongside an interactive songmap of New York state, built by Jesse, and a video installation by Carrie Dashow, entitled the "13th Screen." The tunebook was also exhibited along with the songmap at the Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY, in October, 2009.

'Cowhorn Creek,' a fuging tune from the Subliminal History of Vale Park, accompanied by text and instructions for participatory performance by Carrie Dashow.