ChalkTalk (excerpt)


Composed, recorded, and produced by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. Additional production and recording assistance by Nefatari Cooper, Sandflower Dyson, Tim Eastman, Stephanie / Jones, Laura Neuman, and Dan St. Clair

Initial audio tour distribution, April 24-26, 2003. Initial radio broadcast, April 25, 2003

ChalkTalk comprises an audio tour and radio artwork, confronting a 'moratorium' imposed on the practice of chalking on sidewalks by the Wesleyan University President. The piece displays how chalking constitutes a productive discursive tradition at Wesleyan through interviews with alumni, current students, and administrators, all of whom speak about their experiences with chalking.

The piece formed an audio tour, distributed to prospective students and alumni, leading listeners around the university, demarcating the path with the issues surrounding the chalking conflict through the aural context the piece provided.

The initial audio tour and radio broadcast of ChalkTalk were featured events during Wesleyan's Queer Awareness Days and Peoples' Awareness Month. The audio tour was recommended by Wesleyan University's Admissions Office as an alternative campus tour on the issue of chalking to prospective students.

For full length copies of the radio mix and audio tour of ChalkTalk on a CD available at cost, please email me.