Artificial Space


Sarra Ibrahim (voice), Stephanie Slash Jones (voice), Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg (laptop). Composed by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg

Studio Recording, May 9, 2003. Performed December 16, 2002, February 15, 2003

Two vocalists improvise while wearing closed headphones. A third performer, also wearing headphones, controls processing of the two voices. The processed versions of the vocalists' sounds return to their headphones and to a pair of speakers.

Unable to hear each others voices, but able to hear the processed versions of their collective improvisation, the vocalists inhabit and perform in an artificial space, an aural network of headphones and a computer. By changing the processing, the third performer manipulates the features of this space, altering its sonic and social topography. The audience, able to hear the vocalists both processed and unprocessed, engages with the sonic environment from a different vantage point.

Two recordings of Artificial Space are available along with Resolution on a CD at cost. Please email me to request a copy.