Psy-Geo Provflux 2005

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Posted by jesse on April 26, 2005 at 12:09 am

My mobile audioblogging project Metaradio will be featured in this year’s Psy-Geo Provflux, a “weekend-long event – part festival and part conference – that will take place throughout Providence to explore the physical and psychological landscape of the city.” Metaradio > Providence will be a featured Tech Mapping project.

For more about Metaradio, visit the Metaradio > Troy prototype web site, or read my introduction to the Metaradio > Providence project.

Knock-Knock at the Boston Cyberarts Festival

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Posted by jesse on April 20, 2005 at 11:53 pm

Knock-Knock, an interactive installation I created in collaboration with Bettina Bloc, Olivia Robinson, and Amy Scarfone, will open this Friday in the Boston Cyberarts Festival at Kendall Square. Knock-Knock evokes contemporary communications networks using cardboard and copper wire. This collaborative project is a network of suspended cardboard boxes, linked by contact microphones and drivers, transmitting sound across the box network through the cardboard filters. The contact microphones are precisely tuned so that tapped messages can travel short distances along the network or cycle around the ring, depending on the strength of the tap.

There will be a reception this Friday, April 22 6-9 p.m. Knock-Knock is in the Vertex Building at Kendall Square, just off of Third St. near the Kendall T stop.

More information about Knock-Knock is on the Knock-Knock web site.

Internet Art and Media Mapping

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Posted by jesse on March 16, 2005 at 3:23 am

I gave a talk about my work in relation to data sources, mapping practices, and the Internet at Google Inc.‘s Mountain View, CA campus. The presentation is viewable online.

Boston Cyberarts Festival

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Posted by jesse on February 6, 2005 at 3:50 pm

I will be participating in the Boston Cyberarts Festival this Spring, collaborating with Bettina Bloc, Olivia Robinson, and Amy Scarfone, creating an installation reconstructing a communication network out of low-tech materials.

Our work will be installed, along with work by Bill Seaman, and some Brown University graduate students, at 675 West Kendall Street. The Cyberarts Festival (and our show) runs from April 22 through May 8, 2005.

New Design

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Posted by jesse on December 24, 2004 at 12:00 am

I’ve reorganized this site over the past week and have also implemented a more functional and cleaner design. As of five minutes ago, the site should be working well in all major browsers. Let me know if I’m wrong.


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Posted by jesse on December 11, 2004 at 1:55 am

My new piece Victory/Concession will be featured in this weekend’s Graduate Exhibition, SNOWNO SHOW, at Rensselaer. Work by all of the graduate students enrolled in my program will be included.

Victory/Concession depicts the Bush and Kerry presidential campaigns at the moments of their closure. Victory/Concession retraces the myths of evangelical Christianity, moral values, urban and rural, and red and blue, and exposes devious campaign strategies and a complicated country.

The show will run from 5-9 PM on Sunday, December 12 with a reception at 4 PM and a screening and performances at 6 PM. The show is all around West Hall on the Rensselaer campus in Troy, NY. Feel free to email me for directions.


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Posted by jesse on October 21, 2004 at 11:36 am

As I indicated in a particularly depressing and off-topic post several months back, I was hoping to learn how to configure WordPress to start up a shape note music blog. I was also hoping to convert this news section from my own horrible system to WordPress, and I did that this past weekend. Posts are now archived by month and by category, have permalinks, accept comments, and there are loads of other cool features too. I love WordPress. It is endlessly customizable, and so easy to install. I recommend it to anybody planning on hosting their own dynamic website.

I’ve made some other minor changes to the site as well, redirecting the shape note music link to my shape note website (which, sadly, is still not WordPressed), cleaning up the content in places, and implementing sIFR to render some headings with custom typography. With any luck, I’ll be making some more changes over the next few months.

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