More Changes and Updates

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Posted by jesse on January 2, 2004 at 5:17 pm

I’m making a variety of changes to the site over the next couple of days in order to improve load-times and enhance the content available on the site.

I’ve started by tweaking the coding of much of the shape note section. I’m also uploading new PDF files to represent my thesis, containing the actual page layout that I submitted to the Honors College in May. The page numbering now matches that in the Table of Contents and all of the pictures that were included with my thesis now appear in this representation.

Additional changes include the posting of my resume, and updated sound files in the soundworks section of the site. (Thanks to Red Acorn for the additional bandwidth to make this possible)

Shape Note and Design Sections Added

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Posted by jesse on December 16, 2003 at 11:09 am

I just added two new sections to the site. The first is an index of scores of shape note music I have been writing to showcase my compositional endeavors in this style [since enhanced and moved to a new URI]. I have also added links to various examples of my layout, graphic, and web design.


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Posted by jesse on at 10:10 am

I recoded parts the site today in PHP, a change which will hopefully make updating some parts of the more efficient.

Singing Shape Note Music

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Posted by jesse on December 12, 2003 at 11:22 pm

I went to Middletown, Connecticut today where a group of 25-30 shape note singers brought together by Neely Bruce sang a selection of shape note songs, largely from the Sacred Harp songbook. A reporter and photographer from the Hartford Courant attended and reported on the event. The selection of songs was meant to illustrate the history of the tradition, from “Old Hundred,” the oldest song in the book, to recent works.

The group sang four pieces from the shape note sketches found on this site, including “Hampshire” and “Monday,” as examples of recent compositions in the tradition. Thanks to Neely Bruce for the opportunity, and to Anne Rhodes and Mark and Linda Pearlman Karlsberg for advice and support preparing for the singing.

Updates to This Site

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Posted by jesse on November 26, 2003 at 2:05 pm

Today I fixed and updated several sections of the site. I restored the soundworks section [now electronic artworks] to its initial location. I also made changes to the site’s stylesheet and XHTML coding to improve consistency and decrease load time.

This Site’s New Interface

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Posted by jesse on November 25, 2003 at 11:20 am

I’ve just launched the first testing version of the new online home for my sound art. Expect a public launch in a couple of weeks. When launched publicly, the site will feature recordings of my recent sound art projects as well as access to my thesis work, and biographical information.

Audience Reception Surveys

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Posted by jesse on November 9, 2003 at 3:50 pm

I initiated a new project today to conduct surveys of audiences at new music events in an attempt to gather information on their reasons for attending new music events, their reception of new music, and the relation of those receptions to the aims of composers and performers. If you know of or are affiliated with new music events and are interested in distributing surveys, please let me know.

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