New Tunebooks and a Singing School

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Posted by jesse on December 8, 2005 at 7:39 pm

This Sunday, I’m showing a selection of new tunebooks in progress, performing with Tintinnabulate, and leading a brief singing school from the Under Island songs during my department’s year end open studios.

In my studio at RPI’s West Hall, I’ll be showing drafts of Parsons Cove, a tunebook I’m developing into a score for book and soprano for Anne Rhodes. The performance piece will be premiered by Anne at Wesleyan University on February 18, 2006. Alongside Parsons Cove is a bound draft copy of the Under Island tunebook I’m creating with Carrie. A four-channel sound installation with two shape note score transparencies mounted on photographs rounds out the open studio.

During the auditorium program, I’ll be performing with Marshall Trammell, Pauline Oliveros, Thom Kubli, Alex Chechile, and Yael Kanarek as Tintinnabulate. At the conclusion of the auditorium show, I’ll be leading three songs from the Under Island tunebook: “Climate,” “Awaken,” and “End.”